Monday, September 1, 2008

So here I am

Well it has been months and months since Crystal started harping on at me to create a blog...and now in a moment of weakness it appears I have finally given in and started one.
The truth is, I have been thinking about doing it for a long time. My initial excuse was that my life was too boring and I would never have anything interesting enough to write about...but then I read Crystals blog and realised that you can write about boring things whenever you want. haha just kidding Crystal.
Truthfully, the real thing that made me decide to start a blog was coming across an old box of photos the other day... there were all sorts of pictures in there - baby photos, mission photos, wedding photos, first day of school photos of the kids etc etc...and it made me sad to think all those memories were just lying in an old box in the back of my wardrobe.
So from now on I'll be posting stuff on the internet for the whole world to see ... thats if anyone is interested :-)
Heres a few of the old photos I was talking cute were we?


Crystal said...

yay! finally. that photo on the car is totally cute. you should post that pic of you with the daisy chain.

Jessica said...

I think you did an awesome job! I love the photos. Especially the last one!

Charlotte Rose said...

No, it true Lian, Blogs really aren't about anything other than who ever is writing it, and its highly addictive be warned. But I think your right I like to puruse thru my blog and its like an online diary of good times. Nice memories.

Dean and Carly said...

hi lian, cool photos, old school are always the best.