Sunday, December 28, 2008

Relief Society Christmas Activity

We held our annual Relief Society Christmas Activity on Wednesday 3rd December. It was a great night with a huge turn out of sisters which seemed to make all our hard work and effort worth it!

A few months earlier someone had come up with the grand idea of making each sister and apron which the other sisters could sign. They were awesome - Crystals friend Jeremy even designed a cool motif which we ironed on to make them even more special! They took FOREVER to cut, sew, iron and fold but they looked fantastic!

It hardly seems possible that I have been serving as Relief Society President for a whole year now! Time flies when you're super busy I guess :-)

Me and my counsellors Sandy and Carly wearing our aprons.


Jessica said...

Those are awesome aprons! THat's a seriously good idea to give the ladies.

Crystal said...

i saw 2 aprons in use over the christmas period. viv and carly. i also busted mine out.