Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day


After a late night of bottling honey which Jonathan had just extracted from his hive we were woken at 7am by two very excited children!

It always seems a bit disappointing that it takes weeks of hours trapsing the town looking for gifts and they're all opened within 15 minutes! Even so, the kids were very happy with their presents.

Christmas dinner was at 12:30 at our house. We managed to turn our dining room into a banquet hall and made a huge table to sit 20! We had all of our family, the Farthings, Grandmother and K, Sam's parents and the missionaries. It was great having Mum and Dad and Paul home for Christmas.

We had the Warwick Christmas Dinner at Laugharne and Kelly's house at night and as much as I wanted to eat the delicious meal I was so full from lunch I could only manage a few spoonfuls! We had an awesome time playing 'rock band' on the playstation for a few hours after dinner - its great fun! Jonathan was lead singer, I was on bass guitar, Kelly on lead guitar and Laugharne on the drums. I could have played all night but the kids had fallen asleep on the couch so it was time to go!

So that was Christmas for another year. I say this every year but next year I really am going to be more organised!


Wade said...

The food on the table looks better than the food in Tania's mouth. And Kim doesn't look happy to be eating it.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. That looks awesome. The kids look so stinkin' grown up now. So beautiful though. Wish we were there.

Crystal said...

mmmmm, food.

Kimberley said...

bahahaa. I never seen this picture before. yuuuuum!!