Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday to Wellington

On New Year's Day we left on a trip to Wellington with Grandma and Papa. Jonathan's Mum had a reunion on and so we went along so that Jonathan could do the driving.

We had a great time seeing all the sights - going to Te Papa - the National Museum, Visiting the Beehive and Parliament buildings, going up Mount Victoria as the sun was setting, going to the movies to see Bedtime Stories, going swimming and going to the beach.

If it didn't take 8 hours to get there it would have been the perfect holiday :-)

Honey Village - Taupo

Huka Falls - Taupo

At TePapa Museum
Outside Te Papa

At the Beach

Ryan and Mum

Best Friends

Up a Pohutukawa Tree

We came across "Ryan Building"

At the swimming pools

Outside The Beehive

At the top of Mount Victoria

Army Museum


Jessica said...

Wow! That looks awesome. Was it nice and warm? Wish we could take a trip to Wellington...or just to Hamilton would be nice : )

Crystal said...

cool photos. it has been intensely boring with you gone.

Caramello Kiwi said...

Hi Lian! So I'm looking at your pictures and I see the ones of the beach, and I'm sitting here surrounded by snow, so now I want to put on my togs and pretend it's 100 degrees outside. Oh the blinding light of my skin, anyone would think I'm a vampire!!! YEEE HAAA!!