Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rock Stars

I am not sure if it is a good idea to post this picture as I know I look quite ridiculous! But it was fun to dress up so I will anyway.
I went to a Rock Star themed Birthday Party at my sister-in-law Kelly's house which was quite fun and hilarious to see everyone dressed up...although i think I went a little overboard! Thanks to Crystal for the great make-up and to Carly for the loan of her studded belt which I think really made the outfit.
The next night the kids had a Rock Star Party and had fun dressing up too.

Elle and Ryan with their cousins Logan and Maddy


Crystal said...

lian, i am pretty disappointed the anarchy sign I drew on your arm in my eyeliner didn't show up in the photo. the kids look crack up. i think ryan looks like he is from some futuristic space ship or something.

Jessica said...

you guys all look awesome. That's such a cool outfit should wear it out on the town sometime...ha ha

Dean and Carly said...

I agree with jessica I think it's a hot outfit, you should wear it to church this sunday just for a laugh

Charlotte Rose said...

Cool - fun fun. I agree with crystal - ryan could be on star trek : )