Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to Reality

How did the summer holidays go by so fast?  It seems like just yesterday I was picking up the kids from their last day of school.  I swear when I was a kid that the Summer Holidays lasted FOREVER.  Didn't they? 
So after 6 weeks of lazy sleep ins and late night movie watching its back to reality.
And unfortunatly for me - reality this year means waking up at 6am.  Yes, apart from the chronic fatigue Seminary seems to be going well.  I would have to say its the busiest calling I've ever had.  Being Relief Society President was a constant mind busy calling - but this is a constant TIME busy calling.  I seriously think that by the time I've planned and taught my lesson I'm spending about 3 hours a day!  But I'm totally enjoying it.
Jonathan has started at Sacred Heart Girls College and all is going well.  We went to the school Powhiri last week and there was a nice spirit there.  I'm so happy that Elle will be able to go there next year.
And the kids are into week 2 of school already.
10 days until the Lake Taupo Run.  I must say I'm suprised I'm still in it.  Its been a real test of endurance for me.  Like I said, I'm not a natural runner but I've kept going and things have gradually gotten easier.  Not easy by a long stretch, just easier. 


Crystal said...

firstly, congrats on the running. Secondly, 3 hours a day - they should be paying you. Thirdly, when i read your title all i can think of is that song "back to life, back to reality" but I don't know who sings it.


That is one calling I would never say yes too - seminary. ha ha. You good lady you!! And good luck on the run!! Looking forward to that post!

Jessica said...

Thanks Crystal. I totally have the song in my head now. Wow, I can't believe summer is almost to a close over there. And You are going to do SO good at that run. I can't wait to hear about it :)