Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was on Monday and I celebrated by getting up at 5:30 to cook breakfast for 12 romantic :)  But seriously, I had promised my Seminary class breakfast if they all passed off their scripture mastery and they all did! 

Don't you love my cake stand?  Jonathan got it for me for Christmas.
We had planned to go on a family picnic but were helping in the kitchen at Brother Cammocks funeral so postponed until Tuesday night.  Usually I would cook up scrumptuous picnic treats but now that I am an early morning seminary teacher and suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome :) I let the Colonel do the cooking.  No one seemed to mind.
Elle for some reason decided she officially hated KFC so had fish n chips instead



Mmmm mmmm!! I would have gone to seminary if there was a breakfast like that awaiting me after I ticked off my scripture mastery! And Elle!! What is wrong! KFC is delicious and healthy!?!

Crystal said...

oh man i knew i should have 'happened' to pop down at about 7am. yum. you are nice.

tania farthing. said...

are those pancakes? damn i love your pancakes, i also wish you were my seminary teacher. nice work :D