Monday, June 20, 2011

Cooking up a Storm

Our Stake Ball was on Friday night and I was asked to be the caterer.  It was a big undertaking - finger food for 500 people but I was keen to give it a go!  Without my usual cooking buddies Mum (in America) and Crystal (new baby) I asked my sister in law Kelly to be co-chef with me.  I knew it would all work out when we had our first meeting and both of us had come up with the same list of foods to make!

So, food for 500 hungry mormons.  Needless to say it was a huge job!  To save money we made almost everything from scratch.  Our menu included mini wildberry cheesecakes, fudge brownies, chocolate truffles, lemon meringue tarts, caramel slice, cream puffs, mini carrot cakes, german chocolate cupcakes, savouries, sausage rolls & quiches, spring rolls & samosas, asparagus rolls, salmon and cream cheese crostini, beef crostini, fruit platters and 2 types of cheeseball and crackers.  Yes, we were literally cooking for days!

We had lots of happy eaters and recieved lots of compliments and thanks.  The best compliment we recieved was from the ball organisers who wrote us a card and said "we loved how you all worked together and looked like you were having fun doing it" - Jonathan, Laugharne and the kids were a HUGE help on the night and worked like little soldiers for hours and hours.

The theme of the Ball was 'A Night of Magic' and the colours Red, White & Black.
We made aprons to match and Kelly made the amazing cupcake tower
(built by Warwick Builders/my cousin Carl)
The food
The Warwicks working hard in the cafe kitchen


Crystal said...

Unfortunately given I am obese and don't fit any dresses, I didn't go to the ball. (though graham norton is on friday nights so that was good ha ha). Anyway Lian you are so freakin awesome, not just with the actual food but you are speedy gonzales, and you know how to plan everything. I honestly wish you would stop being so stubborn and mental and go on NZ hottest home baker, you would win hands down. I'm sure I have seen you make cream puffs, a lemon meringue pie and brownies all in one hour??? Anyway, even though I am mad at you now for refusing to go on NZHHB, congratulations on the big ball success. Classiest food to ever hit the stake ball.

Kimberley Farthing said...

I concur with crystal (except for the obese part) your awesome!! I was going to hire a catering company to do my wedding so you can relax at my wedding, but you are so onto it I think I will hire you instead!! Yay Warwick Caterers! p.s I do believe that Carl made the cakestand lol.