Sunday, June 5, 2011

80's Party

Crystal as an 80's bridesmaid - I even did her hair in a french roll.
 I found my outfit many years ago at an op shop - got the top for 50 cents!
Julie turned the big 3-0 on Saturday and her sister threw a suprise 80's party to celebrate.  Luckily for me, Crystal AND Julie, I just so happen to own three fantastically tragic 80's outfits!  All that was needed was half a can of hair spray, too much blue eyeshadow, some bright red lipstick, a pair of pointy stelittos and we were good to go!  One thing's for sure, I would not have liked to have been a teenager in the 80's - it took forever to tease up my hair like that!  Worth it though, I won the prize for best dressed!  (or should it be worst dressed?)


Kimberley Farthing said...

haha thats the truth, the 80's were the worst clothing wise, the 50's were freakin awesome (so ive heard haha).

Crystal said...

i think aunty della, joanne and tracy would disagree ha ha ha. thanks for the awesome/horrible outfit!