Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 13th Wedding Anniversary yesterday!  THIRTEEN YEARS!  Crazy how fast time has gone by.  

 Thirteen things that we've done since we got married in 1998! 

1. We've had 2 kids.  Elle was born 9 months after we got married and Ryan 2 years after that. 

2.  Jonathan enrolled in and 4 years later graduated from Waikato University with a BSc and a BTchng

3.  We've gotten older...and hopefully wiser.  One thing's for sure - I wouldn't want to go back to being 19 again!

4.  Jonathan became and high school maths teacher and started earning real money!

5.  We bought a house and became fully fledged mortgage paying adults!

6.  We've taken a trip to the Gold Coast, 2 trips to Fiji and a trip to the U.S of A.

7.  We bought our third child off trademe.  Our maxy boy.  Life wouldn't be the same without him.

8.  We've lived in 4 houses - all within about 200 metres of eachother!  Crazy!

9.  This one's kind of embarrasing but...I learnt to drive!  That's right, when we got married I couldn't drive.  (Crystal and Jonathan would argue that I still can't drive)

10.  We've served in many callings at church - Young Mens President, Primary Counsellor, Family History Library Director and Relief Society President to name a few.  And the latest being Counsellor in the Bishopric and Early Morning Seminary Teacher.

11.  We've owned 5 cars - beginning with the 2 door Toyota Celica which was a pain to put the car seat in.

12.  When we got married we had a film camera, no internet, no computer, no cell phones a 14inch television and a video machine! - things have surely changed in 13 years!  We now have broad band wireless internet, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, i-pods, dvd players and an xbox.  Technology definitely makes life easier!

13.  Our families have grown.  Since we got married the new additions to the Ardern's are Jessica, Charlotte, Jack, Kate, Sam, Preston & Nakita.  And to the Warwick's: Uki, Sarsha, Connor, Mason, Chris, Maddison & Logan!


Crystal said...

favourite things from this post "elle was born 9 months later" ha ha ha "we bought our 3rd child off trade me" and "i learnt to drive" ha ha ha (well you kind of did ha ha h ah). That technology stuff is CRAZY it's like you got married in the olden days or something. Congrats on 13 years, that is a loooong time. If only I could still fit that bridesmaid dress ha ha ha.

Pauly and Kita said...

That's the coolest list!! I hope our list pans out like that after 13 years! Did you figure out how many people have stayed with you?