Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stake Glee Fest

Elle and Ryan both participated in our Stake Glee Fest on the weekend.  They spent lots of time practicing with their groups to learn their song and dance moves.

Muffy, Terina, Tiana, Shavaria, Elle, Maddy & Ilai - waiting to go on stage
 Elle sang "Say a Little Prayer" with 8 of the Young Women.  They looked lovely and sounded great!  Ryan sang with 6 primary boys "Blame it on the Boogie" - They looked great in their 70's costumes (sewn by yours truly - a stressful day on Saturday sewing 6 pairs of flares) and were pretty smooth up on the stage!

Ryan looking pretty happy in his afro
It was a great show all round but in my opinion I think our ward had two of the best acts of the night.


Crystal said...

I second your opinion. We really did. Both your kids did great as per usual. Lucky they can sing. poor preston doesn't have a hope in hell of being able to carry a tune.

Paula said...

Thanks for posting the videos Lian. They were awesome!