Sunday, August 28, 2011

School Performance

The Fijian Group
The kids school performance was held this week, with 2 shows on Wednesday and one on Thursday.  This year was a Polynesian Culture theme and Elle and Ryan chose to be in the Fijian group.  Unfortunately their tutor never showed up so Elle was assigned to teach the girls group and the boys group learnt their dance off You-tube!  They both did a great job - it was a very entertaining performance.  Kelly and I sewed their costumes which we think turned out quite well considering we were only given a roll of material and just made up the pattern.

They also performed with their school Kapa Haka group which was fantastic.  They practice hard and give up their Friday lunch times to be a part of the group.

Kapa Haka - couldn't get any pictures of Ryan - the boys were at the back


Crystal said...

I must say the kapahaka was particularly awesome, a mean haka, and some fierce pukana from Elle. Well done lian once again for making costumes out of thin air.

tania farthing. said...

look at the kid with full blown abs in the front row! wish i could've seen the show.