Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby Mann

Baby Preston Samuel Mann arrived on March 26th at 5:25 in the afternoon.  Its a hard thing to watch your sister endure pain and exhaustion but Crystal was awesome and I was proud to be a part of the arrival of my new nephew.
We weren't really asleep - we were just being silly while Crystal was having a nap
(AFTER the epidural kicked in of course!)

Ryan hanging out with his new cousin

Elle loves looking after Preston - only 2 more years til she can legally look after him by herself!


Jessica said...

You are so awesome, Lian. Crystal is so lucky to have a fantastic sister like you. I'm so glad all went well. I wish we could hold and steal Preston....oh well...

Crystal said...

agreed jess, lian was (and continues to be) the best. She is also great at getting me drinks of water during labour aye lian ha hah a ha hahah a ha