Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding

For as long as I can remember, Crystal has said that she will have a Royal Wedding Party when Prince William gets married.  (this is after she moved on from thinking she would be his bride) haha
Since she's just had a baby I volunteered to host the festivities at my house.  Nakita made awesomely posh invites, Kelly and I made a 3 tier wedding cake, we drank from tea cups, ate cucumber sandwiches and scones with jam & cream, wore tiaras, facinators and gloves, giggled and cheered, waved British flags and stayed up til 12:30 to watch THE kiss which turned into 2 kisses! 


Jessica said...

oohhh!!! I'm just sooo impressed with the cake!! I'm impressed with the party anyway. But you are so talented no matter what you do. Wish I could've been there...ssooooooooo jealous!!

Crystal said...

if only i had gone to st andrews university....prince william would have married ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!