Monday, April 25, 2011


We were at The Night Glow when Crystal phoned me to say an e-mail had come from Dad asking us to watch conference in the morning.  We knew it meant something was going to happen cos we recieved the same e-mail last year when Dad was called to the 8th Quorom of the Seventy as an Area Authority.
We woke up early and watched it live with Paul and Nakita.  We were suprised to hear Dad released as an area authority and then even more suprised to hear him called to the First Quorom of the 70 as a General Authority.  It was so cool to see him walk up to the stand and take his seat with the other members of the quorom.  It is a stand I have looked at every General Conference since I was a little girl - and now OUR Dad sits there!

He has been called for the next 13 years until he turns 70.  Their first assignment is to the Phillipines.  They leave August 1st and while we are sad that they are leaving we are so excited for this new calling.  They have already had some amazing experiences and I know that they will have many more.

Thankfully they get to come home every Christmas for a month to see us all.  And they will get to visit Wade's family every 6 months when they go to conference.  We are saving all our money so we can visit them as often as possible - which will probably not be very often but we will try!


Jessica said...

Your parents are awesome. I don't know if I could do any of the things your parents have done. And it's so awesome they get to come home for a month every year. I bet you'll have the biggest parties too!!

Crystal said...

i hope they get called to south america or russia at some point.