Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter and ANZAC all rolled into one

Easter was super late this year - infact it was so late in the month that we all got ripped off on holiday pay from work because ANZAC day, April 25th, fell on Easter Monday.
The weekend mainly involved eating.way.too.much.  We started off with our traditional hot cross bun making competition.  Dad was the judge and I have to say that I think he was biased in his judging.  He chose Mum's buns even though they had no raisins!  haha.  Oh well, the proof was in the eating - I also made CUSTARD BUNS which were all gobbled up in no time.

The buns.  Please disregard messy kitchen in the background.
On Sunday we had a lovely Easter lunch of chicken salad croissants and delectable desserts.  The idea was for everyone to make a dessert they had never made before.  It was quite fun but I was rather disappointed in mine.  It was a recipe I had wanted to try for a long time and was quite tricky as it involved making your own pasty, caramel and ganache all from scratch!  So while I think I executed the recipe perfectly, it just wasn't that nice.  It looked great though - so here's a picture.

First and last time I will be making Dorie Greenspans chocolate peanut caramel tart
On Monday we headed off to Memorial Park to watch Elle lay a wreath on behalf of her school for ANZAC day.  It was pouring with rain but it somehow seemed quite fitting to make a little sacrifice to stand in the rain for an hour to honor those who sacrificed so much for our country and our freedom.

Elle and the head boy Malachi Leslie.  These two were born a few weeks apart and we
have photos of them together as babies.  I made the wreath.

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Crystal said...

kudos on the wreath!! i want to try some of that tart by itself - not after all that other food! and yes - anzac day on easter monday = total rip off. Just like waitangi day on the weekend.