Friday, August 5, 2011

Jonathan's Trip to Utah

Sadly we found out last week that Jonathan's Aunty Polly passed away.  She has lived in America most of her life after marrying Uncle Charles who served as a missionary here.  They had returned to New Zealand twice to serve as missionaries in the New Zealand Temple - the last time being just before we got married.  When we were in the states in 2009 we had some lovely visits with Aunty Polly, Uncle Charles and their family. 
Jonathan with Aunty Polly and Uncle Charles - Christmas 2009
Jonathan decided on Monday night that he would attend the funeral.  We spent Tuesday in Auckland getting an emergency passport - which thankfully only took 4 hours (it helps when you know someone behind the desk).  Then we booked tickets and he was off at 3am on Thursday morning.  The ticket was cheap but the downside was it took 30 hours to get to Utah - he had a layover in Sydney and San Francisco.

It was a whirlwind trip - just five days actually in Utah, but he seemed to pack in a bit of everything: spending time with family, visiting old mission companions and shopping. 

Jonathan with some of his cousins at the funeral

Jonathan with Charlotte, Jack and Kate
If Elle and I weren't going next month I would have been insanely jealous!  haha But I'm glad he got to go and represent his family and have a bit of a break while he was at it.

While he was gone Mum and Dad left for the Philippines which was sad but exciting too, the kids started back at school and I started back teaching Seminary - last term for the year!

Its good to be back together as a family.


Crystal said...

whirlwind trip alright!! can't wait to come down and collect my present from Jono!!

Crystal said...

ok also, i think kate looks like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in this photo!

Summer Maaka said...

I was sick of facebook and was thinking what to do - and then remembered i had made a horrible atttempo to make a blog - hahah to this day lian you are my only comment. hahah cool how this is already updated and johnathan just got back! I need a 101 blog spot class on how it all works.