Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cross Country Race

The kids had their Cross Country Race on Tuesday.  They all got bused out to Church College to run around the #1 field.  How that is considered cross country and why they couldn't have run around their own fields I will never know.  But I'm sure they had fun on the bus ride!  It was raining off and on but the clouds managed to hold back while the kids had their runs. 

Elle and her long legs - she came 2nd for her year group

The head students also ran with the junior kids

Ryan has gotten a lot fitter since he started basketball and managed to run the whole thing with only a few stops


Crystal said...

that is so mental. cross country on the no1 field??! Isn't cross country supposed to involved running around cow pats and over fences??! Elle came 2nd that is awesome - obviously not from our side of the family.

Kimberley Farthing said...

cross country my foot! Im with crystal, there needs to be cow pats and fences and hills! But good on everyone! I wish we had head students when I was at koromatua, not that I would have been one, but its cool.