Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Elle's Birthday Party

Since Elle's Birthday was on a weekday she waited til the weekend to have her friends over for a slumber party.  8 girls to entertain seemed a bit daunting - especially after I asked Elle if she wanted to play pass-the-parcel and she looked at me like I was the latest freak show at the circus.  Apparently you don't play games like that at 12 year old birthdays.  Luckily for me they were happy to entertain themselves with movies, pedicures and xbox kinnect Dance Central.  I also did a little craft class and had them all make heart shaped bath bombs to give to their Mums for Mothers Day.

Elle requested Coconut Lemon Cake

Clockwise Elle, Letitia, Maddy, Julia, Tyra, TeMaire, Raine, Kalyna

9 toppings for the ice-cream sundaes!

Ready for movie watching

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