Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ryan turns 10

Ryan was born 8 days after Elle's 2nd birthday.  Back then it seemed pretty cool to have their birthdays close together.  Now its stressful!  Two kids to shop for (which, I might add is waaaay harder now that they've grown out of Barbies and Batman and Bob the Builder), two cakes to cook, two breakfasts in bed, two parties to plan - and carry out - all within 8 days of eachother!  So yes, it is a little stressful, but I love their excitement and anticipation and the happiness all my hard work brings.

Ryan's birthday was May 11th.  He has just joined a Basket Ball team so requested a basketball cake for his birthday.  We had it after school with his cousins and again at night with Paul & Nakita, Crystal, Sam & Preston and Ma.
The Basket Ball cake.

Ryan, Connor, Mason, Sarsha, Logan, Nevaeh, Maddy, Elle

On the weekend he had some friends sleep the night.  They had KFC, ice cream sundaes, lots of munchies, watch movies and played xbox until 5am!  After a pancake breakfast they headed out for fish and chips at the lake and mini golf with Jonathan.  That night he had another sleepover with his cousins.  Whoa, what a weekend!
Ryan and his mates
At Mini Golf


Crystal said...

i only saw the cake half eaten so glad you posted this pic - looks cool!! my 10th bday i went to te rapa pools. your kids are soooo old.

Kimberley Farthing said...

oh my gosh thats an epic birthday weekend for him and an epic birthday month for your family!! Sounds so fun!! I want to have a sleep over so bad now haha.

Crystal said...

kim - we should totally have a sleepover before your mission! : ) me you lian and tania : )