Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Elle

Photo taken by the very talented Kimberley Farthing
Elle turned 12 on Tuesday.  12 I say!  How did that happen?  When did that happen?  How am I suddenly the mother of a 12 year old?  Wasn't it just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital on a cold and stormy night?  Wasn't it just the other day that she had her first day at kindergarten?  People always said to me when she was a baby to "enjoy the moment because they grow up too fast" - it surely didn't seem that way when there were endless nappies to change and clothes to wash and sleepless nights.  But now it feels like I blinked and I missed it all and now here she is, no longer my little girl but a beautiful, mature young lady.

She'll be taller than me soon - but lucky for her she inherited skinny genes from somewhere so she'll never be fatter than me :)  We won't ever share clothes but maybe shoes.  I love that she talks to me about everything.  If she's got a question - she asks it, no matter what the topic!  I hope that never changes. I think about when I was 12 and how different I was from her.  She is so confident and out going.  I'm glad she didn't inherit my shyness.  She is my number one shopping buddy.  No matter what we're shopping for she'll come along happily - so long as we can spend 10 minutes or so in BLING or DIVA.  I love her gentle nature and her soft spirit.  I love that she cries if she sees me crying.  I love the fact that even though Ryan can be her worst enemy, she will protect him no matter what.  I love that she is honest and pure and always tries to do what is right.  I love that when she thinks she has done something wrong she comes and talks to me about it - and it usually turns out she hasn't done anything wrong at all!

On Saturday I booked tickets to America for me and her to go to conference with Mum and Dad in October.  How fun will that be?

One day old at Waikato Hopital.  We called her frog legs.


Crystal said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhh lian what a lovely post. when people comment to me how pretty elle is, I always agree, but always say that she is a nice little girl too. Well I guess not so little anymore. She is only 12 but has been so helpful since we had Preston. So exciting you get a mummy daughter trip to the states. p.s - holy frog legs.

Jessica said...

She's a beautiful girl and so sweet too. We miss you guys and wish Elle could get to know the kids over here too. Maybe one day we'll all live by each other again...I can't believe she's 12. Time flies so fast and now she's a beehive. I'm so glad we get to see you guys in October! That's going to be so fun for you two!